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  • “One Holy Local Church”?: The Ghettoization of Protestantism

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    A Critique of Modern Views of Mandatory Local Church Membership

    The concept of “local church membership” hardly existed in the church before the 17th century Baptists, except for certain heretical sects and Anabaptists. Yes, the concept of “church membership” has existed from the very beginning. The concept of “local congregation” has existed from the very beginning. The theology of “there is no salvation outside the church” has existed from the very beginning; hence, the command for Christians to “join the church” in a covenant, which is the Covenant of Grace. That joining the Church, though, was done through the same means a man joined the Covenant of Grace: baptism. Through baptism, man joined the universal Church. The modern church, through a combination of political pressure and a move by church leaders to insulate themselves from accountability, has led to the widespread adoption of “local church membership” and related practices over the past century or so by non-Baptists as well. But this was not the way of the early church, Christendom, or the Reformation.


  • All of Grace

    $10.00 $12.00

    UPDATED – For the modern reader!
    Charles H. Spurgeon's classic bestseller. This evangelistic appeal is written like a personal letter to the reader. This completely modernized and updated version retains Spurgeon's warmth and compassion, but reaches the ears and hearts of a new generation. Simple, earnest, down-to-earth, profound, compelling. 96 pages.

  • How to Buy Gold . . . Without Getting Ripped Off


    Aimed especially at beginning gold buyers, How to Buy Gold Without Getting Ripped Off promises to save the reader lots of time and lots of money when investing in gold. It could, in fact, save them from wasting hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on a single gold purchase—even the very next one. HTBG exposes scams, fine print, and marketing fallacies to protect you from schemers, predators, and opportunists. It also reveals basic tips and techniques for sound gold buying, storage, protection, and more. What to know, what to do, and what to avoid—all in one place, and aimed at saving you $$$ even when you first start. With a Foreword by Dr. Gary North. 124 pages.


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