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How to Buy Gold . . . Without Getting Ripped Off


Aimed especially at beginning gold buyers, How to Buy Gold Without Getting Ripped Off promises to save the reader lots of time and lots of money when investing in gold. It could, in fact, save them from wasting hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on a single gold purchase—even the very next one. HTBG exposes scams, fine print, and marketing fallacies to protect you from schemers, predators, and opportunists. It also reveals basic tips and techniques for sound gold buying, storage, protection, and more. What to know, what to do, and what to avoid—all in one place, and aimed at saving you $$$ even when you first start. With a Foreword by Dr. Gary North. 124 pages.




Product Description

This clearing-house of information on gold and gold investing is collected in one convenient guide unlike you can find anywhere else. It will save you loads of time, and potentially thousands even on your first gold purchase. 124pp.

Foreword by Gary North, Ph.D.
Introduction: So You Want to Buy Gold
1. Reasons for Investing in Gold . . . Now
2. The Basic Method for Avoiding Rip-Offs
3. Know Your Dealer
4. Taking Possession (The Best and Worst Ways to Buy Gold
5. “What Coins Should I Buy?”
6. “Collectible Value” Scams to Avoid
7. Keeping Your Gold Safe and Sound
Conclusion: God, Guns, and Gold (or, Life, Liberty, and Property)

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